Transit in HK

Lunch in Hong Kong Transit at Hong Kong … are we there yet? No, not quite … just 9 hours to Adelaide which will now seem like a hop, skip and a jump compared to the nearly 12 hours to get here from London.  The route was remarkable – keeping safely north over the Baltic countries, then the endless miles of northern Russia and across China. You know you are a long way from your normal commute when you can see Ulaanbaatar on the map, however big the scale is.  

transit in HKHong Kong airport, as many of you will know, is a temple to contemporary consumerism. Glass, several storeys of shops, paid-for lounges.  But it also has good food at a range of prices. We wiled away a couple of hours in Cafe Deco which has good food and somewhere civilised to sit.  We skipped the red Burgundy at a £100 a bottle and finished our meal with super-strength coffee.  Next stop really should be Adelaide.  


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