Rhône rivals: north v south – two great styles battle it out 

Welcome to Andover Wine Friends

Janet and I founded this wine group in 2007 and – like a great bottle of wine – we have enjoyed every stage of its development.  Our aims are:

  • to taste wines that we would not necessarily buy in the first instance
  • to learn from them
  • to enjoy the company of others who love wine.  

IMG_4722_thumb.jpgYou don’t have to be an expert to join, you just need to like tasting wine and exploring new things.

Our current format is to meet twice a month. The typical pattern is a tasting on a theme on the third Monday of the month and a fine wine supper (tasting on a focused theme + supper) on the first Saturday of the month.  A programme of forthcoming tastings is issued three times a year and you can ask to be booked into the tastings you want to attend. We keep the costs to the absolute minimum (typically £15 an evening) as the focus is on exploring wine together.


Programme: January to June 2017 


Saturday 7 January: fine wine supper 

Highlights of Spain  – much loved classics and new styles


Monday 16 January: tasting

Alternative USA – Oregon, Washington State and more


Monday 13 February: tasting  

Germany dry to sweet – nothing more to add! 


Saturday 4 March: fine wine supper 

Rhône rivals: north v south – two great styles battle it out 


Monday 13 March: tasting  

Trentino-Alto Adige: Italy or Austria?  Compare two wine traditions in one Italian region


Saturday 25 March: fine wine supper 

Te Mata, Hawke’s Bay – classy Kiwi wines from one estate


Thursday 20 April: gourmet meal 

The Harrow, Little Bedwyn – our best local, Michelin-starred, restaurant on a special wine-friendly deal



Monday 15 May: tasting 

Revisiting Portugal – hot bed of local varieties and new wine styles


Saturday 3 June: fine wine supper 

Classic vintages – yes it is exam prep but of the best possible sort; £20 per head?


Contact me
If all this sounds interesting or you want to attend a tasting, email me or ring me on 07973 817 994.   New members are always welcome!
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