South Africa

I am fortunate to work for the WSET, the world’s largest provider of wine education, and, in particular, to work in the small unit that researches and writes the student materials for our 100,000+ students around the world.  Having been a blogger and then spent many years as a wine student, it is a dream job.  These days researchers do spend a great deal of time on the web, researching regions and wines, alongside the printed materials available to us. But we do also go on trips, especially to visit less well-documented regions.  

However, even I was surprised and absolutely thrilled when I was asked whether I would be willing to visit South Africa.  I had tried to make a case for visiting Australia and was told that we had less in-house expertise on South Africa and what did I think… With the help of Wines of South Africa (who kindly paid for in-territory transport), I was able to visit the Cape for a thrilling and very moving voyage of discovery. Here are the posts: 

Earlier posts include:

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