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Wine photography by David Way

Wine photography has been my other passion for many years.  The following images are highlights of some of my favourites captured over the years of my wine journey.  I encourage anyone out there with a passion for wine photography to get in touch and to share their own images and wine passions.

Masnaghetti wine maps

Masnaghetti wine maps of La Morra, Barolo

Masnaghetti Wine Maps, created by the inspiring Alessandro Masnaghetti, are designed to display the full microclimate of  famous vineyard sites. This image is a very simple shot taken with a iPhone XR which I think  just works.

To find out more about why Masnaghetti is so much more than just maps, visit my recent blog post:

The geology of Barbaresco

One of Alessandro Masnaghetti’s aim with his world-famous wine maps is to highlight the terroir-specific differences between individual vineyard sites in one of the world’s most sought after wine regions.Here we have a rare glimpse of the underlying geology of Barbaresco in the cellars of Cascina delle Rose. For more:

Masnaghetti wine maps aim to express the entire micro climate of sites, here is some exposed underlying rock formations in Barbaresco

Gorgeous Grignolino wines

Grignolino wines

Super charged Grignolino, the amazingly underrated red wine grape of Piemonte.  Pale, aromatic, and tannic, these wine shine with better producers and perfect food pairings.

To find out more, visit my recent blog post…

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