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The wines of Beaujolais

Georges Duboeuf

Beaujolais gets stylish

Then there is the elongated perfume-jar bottle from Domaine des Fournelles which uses a ton of glass. Finally, in the rosé section, the rather elegant contemporary rosé look adopted by Vignerons Des Pierres Dorées:  Let’s move on to more conventional Beaujolais and Beaujolais-Villages.  As already said, there are lots of traditional bottles and labels, but

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Blind tasting masochism?

Andover Wine Friends unusually had a fine wine supper in August … and also, atypically, indulged in a bit of blind tasting masochism.  Speaking for myself I normally enjoy the considerable challenge of blind tasting, even though it is a very artificial exercise.  This is not just for the rare moments of triumph when you

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Inferences true and false

February’s Bring a Bottle Club was off into unchartered territories … again.  It was, however, the last time when we had some clues.  The custom has been for each person to bring their bottle or bottles suitably shrouded but for all to know who has contributed each wine. This inevitably leads to inferences being made

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Beaujolais: prejudice confounded

One way of dealing with the overwhelming complexity of the world of wine is to decide that there certain wines/grapes/styles that you don’t like.  A few popular favourites would be a) German wine (sweet and flavourless) b) English wine (how could you? see previous post) c) over-oaked Chardonnay (agreed).  My number one choice would be

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No palate?

The June meeting of the Overton-based blind tasting group was the usual mix of fine bottles, some disappointments and perhaps the least good wine we have ever had (is that sufficiently polite?). And it was a large tasting – 17 bottles. While it is difficult to concentrate for that long (even for those of us

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The guessing game

Blind tasting line-up – with a few interlopers (shop samples) Ah, the monthly challenge of blind tasting … can you tell your Chardonnay from your Chenin, your Syrah from your Sangiovese? This month there were a couple of easy numbers, some real surprises and some that were completely off the wall. It all makes for

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White Sauvignon Blanc and other tales of the unexpected

Blind tasting is supposed to be such a serious business but sometimes … and good company and alcohol may have something to do with it … it dissolves into hilarity and just a great evening together.  The tone of the this evening where people brought one or two wines to taste blind was set by

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Vinous variety

Many trade tastings are rather orderly affairs with a bit of elbow room, an atmosphere in which you can talk to producers or suppliers and often rather good catering thrown in.  Some are in very fine settings with a lot of attention being paid to the whole environment. After all – let’s be straightforward about

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Tasting in the dark 2

Andover Wine Friend’s summer party was held in the garden of our house on a warm July evening. This being England we were lucky – if it was 24 hours later it probably would have been raining.  As it was it was a perfect evening, warm without being oppressive. And, as I forgot to take

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