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The wines of Provence

Party in pink

Summer should be a time of relaxation, outdoor parties and pink wine.  So far the British summer has been a soggy mess, but rosé / rosato / rosado still has its attractions.  Andover Wine Friends’ summer party had to be held indoors for the first time in four years and fortunately we had build a

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Blind tasting improbability index

As stated many times on this blog, exposing yourself to trial by blind tasting is a mug’s game.  My worst moment was failing to identify the grape variety of an Alsace Grand Cru Gewurztraminer. After I knew what it was its typical rose water and lychees aromas were as obvious as it gets.  And yes

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Small is beautiful

Andover Wine Friends’ monthly tasting featured wines from small French appellations and provided a tour of the south of France with a stop-off in Corsica.  Led by Lefty Wright (picture below), it showed what quality there is outside of the well-known areas – if you can source these small-production bottles, here provided by Yapp Brothers. 

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Red BBC1

The Overton BBC (bring a bottle club) has a cheerfully random air about it.  This is particularly the case with ‘BBC1’. As the idea is to taste the wines blind, there is no plan about who will bring what.  Usually, this works absolutely fine and often some fascinating themes emerge.  By chance, three people will

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Tasting in the dark 2

Andover Wine Friend’s summer party was held in the garden of our house on a warm July evening. This being England we were lucky – if it was 24 hours later it probably would have been raining.  As it was it was a perfect evening, warm without being oppressive. And, as I forgot to take

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