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The wines of Côte d’Or, Burgundy

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Birthday bash

When do you drink those special bottles? Once you have built up a bit of a wine collection, the issue becomes when do you drink those special bottles?  You may only have one of each. Or a bottle you have stored may have become become ridiculously expensive in the meantime. Or a bottle represents a

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2015 Burgundy excitement!

We depend on wine critics to be level-headed and to cut across the hype of merchants who have a natural and understandable motive to be enthusiastic about new vintage releases.  But if you love red Burgundy there is no reason not to believe the hype which accompanies the release of 2015 wines.  To be straightforward

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The line up

Bring a special bottle, 2016

Bring a Special Bottle Christmas 2016 celebration  Keen wine tasters in North West Hampshire meet in a range of formats – Andover Wine Friends, BBC (‘bring a bottle club’), TWITS (don’t ask), TWITS Diploma group and, of course, informally.  To these can now be added BSBC, bring a special bottle club.  This pays homage to

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How does white Burgundy age?

Wine writers and drinkers have been exercised by what is referred to as premature oxidation in white Burgundy since the 1996 vintage. This is a slightly vague condition in which high quality wines from top village, Premier Cru and Grand Cru sites fail to live up to their promise, being either obviously oxidised or just

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Corton in red

One of the highlights of any wine tour is to stand at the edge of a great vineyard – preferably on a lovely sunny day – and then taste the wines.  Here are the pictures taken as the light faded on a chilly but sunny early spring day in March 2014: The Bichot part of

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Albert Bichot’s white Burgundy

 Thanks to the generosity of Maison Albert Bichot, Beaune, a group of wine students have the chance to taste several flights of white Burgundy. What is special about the range of wine is that the producer is the same and within the two main flights the wines are from the same vintages. So we have

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