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The wines of Jura

two dominant varieties, two vintages

Things that can go wrong … in the MW tasting exam

My recent post trumpeted my last-minute preparation for the MW tasting exams.  I have now done the exams, the list of wines have been published but we are still some months off knowing the results.  It is now time to reflect on the experience of things that go right in the exam and, sadly more interestingly,

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Inferences true and false

February’s Bring a Bottle Club was off into unchartered territories … again.  It was, however, the last time when we had some clues.  The custom has been for each person to bring their bottle or bottles suitably shrouded but for all to know who has contributed each wine. This inevitably leads to inferences being made

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Cremant de Jura

Pictorial BBC1

It has been a demanding week – work has been full on, Diploma viticulture and vinification exam on Wednesday evening, Christmas hovering closer.  So instead of lots of words, here is a list and a pictorial version of the ‘bring a bottle club’ for December.  Normal service will be resumed shortly! Don’t miss the picture of

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