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Southern Rhône

The wines of the Southern Rhône

Soft and strong (updated)

Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a grand name with wines of a range of qualities.  If the appellation did not exist, the wines would be a much more humble Côtes-du-Rhône (Villages) and you might wonder what all the fuss was about.  But it certainly does exist and in fact, its contribution to the way the French thought about

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Cremant de Jura

Pictorial BBC1

It has been a demanding week – work has been full on, Diploma viticulture and vinification exam on Wednesday evening, Christmas hovering closer.  So instead of lots of words, here is a list and a pictorial version of the ‘bring a bottle club’ for December.  Normal service will be resumed shortly! Don’t miss the picture of

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Happy and bewildered

Occasionally the tastings and events come along so quickly that it is difficult to do justice to them.  The August meeting of the Bring a Bottle Club was one of these … and my excuse is that the time available for writing has to go on my recent Tuscan trip.  It’s tough, but someone has

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Age does not wither?

In the old fashioned world of gentlemen’s clubs and wine merchants, the ageing of wine, claret in particular, was virtually the essence of wine appreciation.  How the wine scene has changed but there is still a fascination with how wines age, whether they improve, whether people actually like to drink older bottles.   Andover Wine Friends’

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