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Writing about the wines of Piemonte, Italy and France


The wines of Tokaj, Hungary

Syrah spectacular

I have only recently come to realise how much I love Syrah as a wine. It has now joined my personal pantheon of Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese (and quite a few other tannic Italian varieties) and the very best examples of Chardonnay, roughly in that order.   These are the varieties I want to cellar

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Beyond the limits

Overton’s blind tasting group found itself well beyond its comfort zone this week.  Blind tasting is difficult enough with such subtle differences between wines and the convergence of styles between the so-called old and new worlds.  But if you try tasting some wines which are well beyond your normal range you quickly discover how much

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Star Saperavi

Last Saturday’s fine wine supper started as a tour of Eastern Europe.  The idea was to give a quick overview of the exciting things that are happening in Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria and many more places.  It did deliver on that as the bottle shots and the list below testify.  We did our tour of the,

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24-bottle dinner

Some wine occasions really stand out. Obviously you need top quality wines or, at least, wines of exceptional interest. Hopefully, there is really good food to go with it. And you certainly want congenial, knowledgeable and appreciative company. Saturday night’s dinner more than met all these criteria. People had clearly searched their cellars for precious

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