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Arriving in New Zealand …

I have so much more to write about our week in South Australia and visits to Pewsey Vale, Shaw+Smith, Penfolds Magill, d’Arenberg, Yangarra, S C Pannell and Samuel’s Gorge but that will have to wait as Janet and I have now moved on to New Zealand.  This is the main phase of our trip and has been generously sponsored by the Family of 12, the group of, well, 12 top New Zealand wine growers. They put up the prize for Masters of Wine students which I was fortunate enough to win … and so I am here, looking forward to visiting 12 wineries and 8 regions of this remarkable land.  

Our first evening in Auckland on a genuinely warm summer’s evening saw us having dinner outside overlooking Auckland harbour. An unforgettable start. Here are the pictures.  

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