The wines of Basilicata

Diary of a wine writer 3: cue celebration!

In my last post, I reported that Piemonte won the race over Tuscany and Campania/ Basilicata. But can I persuade a publisher that this is a good subject … and that I am the person to write the book? I am a fan of the Classic Wine Library. It was founded 50 years ago and

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Diary of a wine writer 2: choices

As I explained in my last blog post, I have now completed my wine studies and have decided I would like to write a book. But what is the subject going to be?  Readers of this website will know that I have devoted much of the last decade to the wines of Italy. But that

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BBC 1 twice

For the second time in a row, we decided to postpone a planned blind tasting on the theme of sparkling wine.  While last time the excuse was that it was late July and people were away, this time it was because it was late August.  Most of us are so keen on the sparkling wine

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Entry level grand cru?

The term ‘entry level’ is a very useful marketing and quality phrase, indicating some real quality, affordable price (a relative term itself) and the enticement of something outstanding at a much higher price.  It gets around the problem neatly which you have in Italian where the normal term for entry level wine is ‘base’ wine

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Puglia comes to Hampshire

One table at Grape Expectations Christmas Wine fair really stood out for me.  This wasn’t just because it was Italian but because it featured wines mainly from one region, Puglia, usually known as the heel of Italy.  It’s always a bonus to be able to compare local styles side by side and to taste less

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