The wines of Piemonte/Piedmont 

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Diary: 8 – taking the temperature

Grandi Langhi ‘Diary of a Wine Writer’ has become ‘Diary’, rather simpler than DWW, an opaque acronym, if close to my initials. I have just returned from a first, exploratory visit to the Langhe, the most well-known wine area of Piemonte. The occasion was Grandi Langhe, a presentation to the trade of the new vintages

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Diary of a wine writer 7: greetings

2019 turns into 2020 First of all, a heartfelt thank you to all who kindly responded to my announcement about The Wines of Piemonte.  I have been really encouraged by all who took the trouble to respond to my news. It is such an exciting project for me … and I hope for followers of

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Diary of a wine writer 4: what’s next?

After the exhilaration of hearing that the Classic Wine Library has agreed to publish my book on The Wines of Piemonte, what’s next? First, just revel in that sentence! And then over the next months and years, I can focus on one great Italian region and get into it in real depth. There is always a

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Diary of a wine writer 3: cue celebration!

In my last post, I reported that Piemonte won the race over Tuscany and Campania/ Basilicata. But can I persuade a publisher that this is a good subject … and that I am the person to write the book? I am a fan of the Classic Wine Library. It was founded 50 years ago and

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Diary of a wine writer 2: choices

As I explained in my last blog post, I have now completed my wine studies and have decided I would like to write a book. But what is the subject going to be?  Readers of this website will know that I have devoted much of the last decade to the wines of Italy. But that

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Neb day jpeg 2

Nebbiolo day!

We are all used now to days which celebrate or draw our attention to something important or special.  Apparently this is National School Meals awareness week and Men’s health awareness month. (Are men that stupid that they need a whole month to get to grips with things that might trouble them – well, probably.) But

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Barolo La Rosa

Barolo Vigna La Rosa

Barolo Vigna La Rosa – beautiful name apart – is a single vineyard on the Fontanafredda estate in Serralunga d’Alba within the Barolo DOCG.  Since 1998 the estate has been owned by the Farinetti family of Eataly fame, purveyors of Italian gastronomic products around the world.    The estate became fully organic in 2007 and

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