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Class at the Harrow, Little Bedwyn

Andover Wine Friends made a pilgrimage to The Harrow, Little Bedwyn last night.  We were treated to outstanding food and a great range of wines, mostly in magnums, which we brought with us.  Here is the menu, the wine list … and a few random jottings on the wines from me.  

Harrow menu

A few personal favourites.  My favourite course was the sublime Northumberland Roe Venison with parsnip purée.  Such a tender and flavourful meat.  And the lobster ravioli was pretty special too.  You can see my comments on the wines above. Clearly the La Lagune 1982 was truly outstanding – so youthful, such tannic finesse 35 years on. But the Muscadet was beautiful and absolutely textbook, the unfashionable Val d’Orcia, 100% Sangiovese from our friend Marco Capitoni was excellent and, hardly surprisingly, the Bollinger was brilliant too.  Thanks to Sue, Roger and all the staff – in the kitchen and the efficient and courteous front-of-house – for a great evening.  

I took a few photos which now follow.  

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