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Diary 51: publication day!

I am delighted to say that publication day for my book has arrived, four years after my book proposal was accepted. It is now available for sale directly from the publisher.

This is the culmination of a huge amount of intense work, especially over the last four years. I am hugely grateful to all the producers and other colleagues who have made this possible. It has been an honour and a privilege to write about the region. 

As you know, the particular focus of this book is to cover the whole of the region. As I say in the preface: ‘The purpose of this book is simple. It is to help wine lovers understand more about the well-known wines they rightly cherish and – it is a big ‘and’ – to go beyond their comfort zones and explore the remarkable range of wines made in Piemonte.’

Book: The wines of Piemonte
The wines of Piemonte
The contents of the book

As such, the book starts with an introduction covering:

  • history of the region
  • the growing environment
  • top 10 grape varieties, with another 30 native varieties introduced elsewhere in the book
  • reading the label and the joy of Italian wine law (sorry English humour!). 

This is followed by sections on Langhe and Roero, Monferrato, Valleys of the Western Alps, Gavi and Colli Tortonesi, Northern Piemonte and Piemonte’s sparkling wines. Each of these sections includes a detailed introduction to all the DOCs and DOCGs of the area.  

The book draws on insights from history, the changing climate, topography, wine science, wine styles and much more. Each DOC/DOCG has a selection of producers with full profiles (200 in all) plus recommendations for other wineries too. As a result, the book runs to nearly 400 pages. It also has colour and black and white photos, and 10 maps, some of which show the denominations as never before. I am particularly pleased with the maps which should really help readers to locate their favourite wine areas. 

I am very much hope that the book will enable you, wine professionals, lovers and students to explore the amazing diversity of the wines of Piemonte. 

Here are some of the links to buy the book: USA or direct from the Classic Wine Library in Europe. Thank you for your support! 

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