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Clare valley history: Sevenhill

Sevenhill Cellars, still part of a living Jesuit religious house, has a great history going back to 1851, just 15 years after the first Europeans arrived in South Australia.  Pleasingly they continue the tradition of making the traditional fortified wines alongside Clare’s more recent Riesling and Shiraz table wines.  Here pictures do tell a story: 

1851 foundation

And it is not just the historical record which goes back a long way. They still have a few rows of 160 year Shiraz vines.  

Old vine Shiraz

And of course there are interesting things to see in the vineyard, not least veraison taking place, the point at which green immature bunches begin to turn colour.  


Let’s hope that the future continues as bright as the past has been long and venerable.  

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